Speculation is rife about Adele’s plans involving the release of her new album, following her announcement that the album’s first single, “Easy On Me”, was set to be released on Friday, Oct. 15.

According to Billboard, sources claim that Adele may not be hitting the road for a world tour, but will instead lock into a Las Vegas residency, where fans will come to her.

The Las Vegas residency isn’t a done deal, however, but “has reportedly been in the works for a number of weeks.”

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Billboard‘s number-crunching explains why a Vegas residency could be just as lucrative for Adele than touring; while a world tour could generate $200 million in ticket sales. However, the costs of touring are significantly higher than a residency, which at the end of the day could net the singer a comparable amount of money.

“Sources say Adele likes the idea of having her fans travel to see her in Vegas, where she can keep an apartment, avoid being away from her 8-year-old son for long stretches of time, and easily shuttle back and forth from her home in Los Angeles,” notes Billboard, allowing for a sense of normalcy that just doesn’t exist when traveling from city to city.

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Adele certainly wouldn’t be the first music superstar to hunker down in Vegas instead of undergo the rigors of touring, with artists including Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Elton John, Cher, Britney Spears, KISS and Katy Perry among those to embrace the residency concept pioneered by Celine Dion, who raked in more than $681 million from 1,000 performances over the course of 16 years.