Queen Elizabeth has been a huge “James Bond” fan for decades, but was does the Monarch really think about the latest star to take on the iconic role?

Daniel Craig revealed what the Queen said about his portrayal of 007 while joining in on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” to promote “No Time To Die”.

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“She said, she said, ‘yeah, you’re the one that doesn’t smile’,” he recalled. “She nailed me.”

During the conversation, Craig also discussed the reason why he doesn’t want his 2-year-old daughter watching his “Bond” movies.

“I don’t want any of that at home,” he admitted. “I want to keep that as far away as possible.”

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Continuing, “I might be the laughing stock of the century in 10 years time. So let’s, let’s just keep it. Who knows what that generation is going to be thinking…. I just keep all of that as separate as possible for as long as possible. Let them figure it out nicely. And it’s just like, we’ll figure out what to do then.”

Another topic that Craig discussed was whether or not he actually kisses all of his leading men.

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Craig’s “No Time To Die” co-star co-star Rami Malek previously revealed that the pair shared a playful kiss during rehearsals for the action flick.

“Rami very sweetly on it two years ago, when on a chat show and called me and said, ‘is it okay if I tell this story?’ I’m like, ‘yeah, I don’t give a s***.’ It was great,” he remembered.

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“It’s a great story. And of course it blew up and I, then I get kind of, it comes back and it comes back and every time somebody asks me about it, I just, there’s a little sort of punk rock inside me just goes, ‘yeah, kiss everybody.’ I can’t help it. It’s just like, why, why turn the volume down? Let’s turn the volume up.”