Lisa Rinna is firing back at a lawsuit against her.

Rinna was slapped with a $1.2 million lawsuit in June for posting paparazzi photos of herself without clearance. Photo agency Backgrid argued the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star “violated federal law by willfully infringing Backgrid’s copyrights to at least eight photographs.”

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“I’ve been nice, I’ve never fought with them, I’ve never run from them. My kids grew up with them jumping out of the bushes in Malibu,” she said, according to court documents published by the Los Angeles Times. “We’ve had a very good relationship with the press and the paparazzi. That’s why this is so shocking to me.”

Rinna’s attorneys argue that the reality star’s building of her brand should absolve her of further financing the paparazzi.

“…It is only because of Ms. Rinna’s hard work, dedication to her craft and resultant success that her image confers monetary benefits on the Plaintiff,” the document adds.

“Having taken and used Defendant’s images in this fashion, Defendant is informed and believes and thereupon alleges, that an implied license was created between herself and the Plaintiff (and subject photographers), whereby it was understood that Ms. Rinna would be permitted to use and comment on these photographs of her and her family without facing a claim of ‘infringement.'”

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Rinna also gave her own statement to the publication.

“I understand paying a little bit. But to pay this much, it’s very hard for me to say that’s okay,” she shared. “There’s something that’s not right about this. Those photos are worth much less — I mean, it’s my kids with masks on.”