With “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” set to draw to a close at the end of the 2021-2022 TV season, the comedian-turned-talk-show-host will cap off one of the most extraordinary runs in daytime television.

To commemorate “Ellen” concluding, take a look back at some of the most memorable moments over the course of 19 hit seasons.

Ellen’s First Monologue (2003)

The first episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” debuted on Sept. 8, 2003. Ellen took to the stage for her first-ever monologue, walking her audience through an absurdist take of the mechanics of her monologue.

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“What I feel like this is, we’re starting a relationship,” she tells viewers. “And I’ve committed myself to this relationship, I’ll be here every single day, and I hope you also will commit yourself to being her every day. And if you’re not, or you’re gonna be late, please call me.”

Ellen Meets Candidate Obama (2007)

Before he was America’s 44th president, he was a political candidate who courted Ellen’s viewers in the first of what would turn out to be many appearances on the show. During that first visit, Obama busted a few moves with Ellen during his entrance, prompting him to joke, “You’re the best dancer so far of the presidential candidates.”

Obama demonstrated his quick wit when he retorted, “It’s a low mark. But I’m pretty sure I’ve got better moves than Giuliani.”

Ellen Reveals She’s Married (2008)

In 2008, Ellen had some big news to share with fans in a special monologue: she and longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi had tied the knot.

“As you know, every little dreams about two things, having a beautiful wedding day and meeting the Jonas Brothers,” she joked. “And I’ve done both now, so…”

Nicki Minaj Performs With Sophia Grace And Rosie (2011)

British youngsters Sophia Grace and Rosie made several appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, thanks to their viral YouTube performance of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass”.

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In a 2011 episode, Ellen had a special surprise for the tots when Minaj herself joined the duo onstage for an epic “Super Bass” performance featuring all three.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Weird’ Zac Efron Duet (2012)

During Taylor Swift’s multiple appearances over the years, it became a running gag that Ellen would constantly badger the singer for details about who she was dating.

During a joint appearance with Zac Efron, Swift turned the tables when the two performed a duet of a song parody, set to Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”, with some hilariously Ellen-centric lyrics.

“Every single time I come on this show / It’s really weird, really weird / All because of Ellen,” sang Swift.

Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown (2012)

During a seemingly routine appearance, Kristen Bell opened up about her love/obsession with sloths, with Ellen showing viewers a viral social media video in which her husband, Dax Shepard surprises her on her 31st birthday with a real-life sloth, with the “Good Place” star having a full-fledged meltdown.

Ellen pushed things up a notch by making her guest cry after pretending there was a sloth backstage that was about to appear (there wasn’t). However, in a subsequent visit to the show, Ellen did bring in an actual sloth.

Kate McKinnon’s Talk Show Takeover (2013)

Kate McKinnon had hilariously impersonated Ellen on “Saturday Night Live”, and during her 2013 visit to the show she impersonated Ellen right in front of Ellen, making for a hilariously bizarre segment when McKinnon’s Ellen wrested control of the talk show reins.

McKinnon would go on to impersonate Ellen to her face several more times on the show.

Jennifer Aniston’s Friends Reunion (2013)

Fans of “Friends” had to wait until 2021 for the long-awaited cast reunion, but viewers of Ellen received a sneak peek years before that.

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During her 2013 stint as guest host, Jennifer Aniston (who had been Ellen’s very first guest in 2003) staged a mini-“Friends” reunion in a bit that saw her paying a visit to Matthew Perry, including a surprise appearance from Courteney Cox (to say nothing of Portia and Ellen!).

Justin Bieber Prank Calls A Fan (2015)

Justin Bieber has been an “Ellen” regular over the years, but he showed off his silly side during a 2015 appearance when he made a prank call to a fan.

Pretending to be an official from the fan’s school, he put on a not-at-all-bad British accent to accuse her of skipping class during what she thought had been a snow day.

Julia Roberts’ Surprise Kardashian Makeover (2018)

Julia Roberts has made several memorable appearances to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” over the years, such as the time she surprised Ellen (who had her eyes covered with a mask) with a birthday visit.

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In this 2018 appearance, it’s Ellen who surprised the “Pretty Woman” star, giving her a Kardashian-style makeover (replete with enormous plastic breasts) and even a pie courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Ellen’s Awkward Interview With Dakota Johnson (2019)

When it comes to awkward TV moments, it’s tough to top Dakota Johnson’s 2019 visit with Ellen, who remarks on the “Fifty Shades” star’s recent birthday party while lamenting that she wasn’t invited.

“Actually, no. That’s not the truth, Ellen,” Dakota responds, insisting that she WAS invited, but was wasn’t able to make it, telling Ellen to ask her producers, who confirmed she was indeed invited.

“Why didn’t I go?” DeGeneres asked before a producer tells her she was out of town. “Oh yeah I had that thing,” she quips.

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