Jane Fonda is “ashamed” to admit that she cares less about what women think of her appearance than how she’s perceived by men.

While chatting with Grazia magazine, the “Grace And Frankie” actress, 83, says that despite being a feminist, wanting men to find her attractive is “just part of my DNA.”

“If I’m going to be on a Zoom meeting and I know that there’s going to be a man — even if I go to a doctor and it’s a guy — I mean, I feel ashamed even admitting this, but I pay a little extra attention to how I look than I do if it’s a woman. I became an adult in the ’50s and it’s just part of my DNA. I probably will feel that way on my death bed,” she said.

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“I do it because I need to feel that they think I’m attractive. I don’t mean sexy. I mean just look good for my age,” she clarified.

And while Fonda embraces being part of the women’s movement now, she once understood feminism as only being about disliking men.

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“And then when I very first became a feminist I didn’t really pay that much attention to how I looked… because I thought that to be taken seriously I had to look like I didn’t care how I looked,” she said. “A point came when I really became a feminist, not just theoretically in my head, but an embodied feminist, and I was confident in my feminism that I didn’t have to forgo looking good.”

Fonda continued: “You can look beautiful and still be a feminist.”