The future looks bright for Mari Pepin-Solis And Kenny Braasch!

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The pair had Bachelor Nation in their feels after getting engaged on Tuesday night’s finale of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

While catching up with “Bachelorette” alum and “Talking It Out” podcast hosts Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolo, the newly engaged couple dished on marriage, kids and how they overcame some of their challenges on the reality dating show.

“Once we had gotten over our obstacles at the beginning of ‘Paradise’, that’s where I fully was like OK, we were able to overcome something that normally would kind of break some couples apart for good,” Pepin-Solis shared.

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Despite their ups and downs, Braasch knew the 25-year-old was the one for him after his date with Tia Booth.

“As soon as I walked in, [Pepin-Solis] pulled me aside and we had a little talk. That was the first time that I felt that she was reciprocating back the feelings that I had from the beginning,” he admitted.

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Now that the couple is finally able to talk freely about their engagement, the 40-year-old boyband manager revealed that he was ready to marry Pepin-Solis right on the beach in Mexico.

“At one point I think I told the producer that I would actually get married instead of getting engaged on the show. I said if you can get the families out here, we’ll actually get married on this thing. I was serious, which was crazy,” he shared.

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Although there’s no official wedding date in place, Pepin-Solis and Braasch already have babies on the brain.

“Actually I think that was our second ever conversation on ‘Paradise’,” Pepin-Solis said of starting a family. “I asked him because I know that I want kids in the future. That was a very early-on conversation because obviously if he didn’t want kids then that’s something I would’ve had to consider and possibly head in a different direction. He told me he’s open to it.”

“She wanted five I think,” Braasch quipped.

Listen to the couple’s full interview on the “Talking It Out” podcast here.