Nicholas Braun has earned critical acclaim — not to mention his first Emmy nomination — for his portrayal of Cousin Greg in HBO’s “Succession”, and he’s now the subject of a new profile in the New York Times.

While Braun’s career has been flying high thanks to his role in the high-profile hit, the 33-year-old actor lamented that success hasn’t translated to finding a long-term romantic partner — something he blames entirely on his own inability to commit.

“I haven’t really been in a long-term relationship, ever,” he said.

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“I do yearn for it and yet I’m incapable of it,” Braun continued. “I go toward it and then I hit a wall where I’m like, I can’t go farther into this. I’ve got to exit.”

However, he also shared that he’s hopeful to eventually meet someone who won’t elicit those feelings in him.

“I do believe it’ll happen at the right time with the right person,” Braun added. “Until then, it’s fun to meet people and see what works.”

The long-awaited third season of “Succession” premieres Sunday, Oct. 17.