Margaret Qualley stars in “Maid”, a new Netflix series about a single mom named Alex who leaves an abusive relationship and supports herself by working as a maid.

In the series, which was filmed in Victoria, B.C., Qualley’s bipolar mother is portrayed by her real-life mother, “Four Weddings and a Funeral” star Andie MacDowell, who discussed her role on “The Graham Norton Show”.

According to MacDowell, reported the Daily Mail, she was offered the job based on her daughter’s recommendation, but admitted it was a tough role to play.

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“It wasn’t easy because she was so mean and cruel and horrible to her daughter,” she said of her character Paula.

Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2021
Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2021

“It was interesting that my daughter suggested me for the role and at first, I thought, My God, does she see me like that? Of course, she doesn’t but it was a little intimidating!” MacDowell continued.

“It was so much fun but so challenging for me because I have never played a character like that before,” she added. “It was great to do something different and to show people what I am capable of.”

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“Maid” is streaming on Netflix now.