Eli Roth is no stranger to the horror genre, having directed such horror hits as “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever”, and now he’s bringing his unique brand of scary to television with the new supernatural series “Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life”.

The new T+E series goes beyond recounting ghostly hauntings by re-enacting true stories of people who are not only haunted by ghosts, but harassed and stalked by them.

Speaking with ET Canada, Roth — who’s executive producer of “A Ghost Ruined My Life” — discussed the show’s origins, revealing the idea sprang from wondering, “Is a supernatural stalker a real thing?”

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According to Roth, “As we started looking into it, we realized that not only is it real, it happens to a lot of people.”

The more he dug into the research, the more Roth came to realize this phenomenon was far more widespread than he realized, and became increasingly convinced it would make an interesting premise for a show.

“What if this thing latches onto you, and makes it so you can’t sleep, and turns your kids against you, it poisons your relationships and every single person you tell thinks you’re crazy?” he explained. “And there’s no manual on how to deal with it, and there’s no guarantee your life is ever going to go back normal.”

As Roth admitted, there was a bit of self-interest in speaking with people who’ve been the victims of spectral stalkers. “On a very selfish level, what if that happens to me, what do you do?” Roth asked.

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Given that Roth is also a top horror director, his storytelling instincts kicked into gear while utilizing a format that’s “a hybrid of documentary and narrative, where you’re telling their stories but really make it as cinematic as possible, have great acting and really just try to ground it in the truth… to recreate it as authentically as you can.”

One thing that Roth and his team didn’t bank on, however, was that the production itself would experience strange phenomenon, ranging from flickering lights to strange noises and electrical devices seemingly springing to life on their own.

“We got some of it on camera,” Roth said. “Where you can see, in the one episode, where the lights start flickering, cellphones would start going off… it was never anything, like, a chair moved, but things got funky with the electronics, and it happened consistently enough that you thought, ‘Okay, this isn’t just a faulty battery or a faulty recorder, there’s something going on here.”

Ahead of the series premiere, check out a sneak peek at the first episode, titled “Portal to Hell”.


“The participants in the show not only let us into their homes where they experience the entity, but we had to sage our crew for protection,” says Roth of the episode. “In the episode ‘Portal to Hell’ we experienced paranormal phenomena while shooting the episode. I wanted the cameras to capture everything — anything paranormal that happened while filming we got it. I think we all believe in ghosts on some level, but when an angry one makes you the target of their fury you suddenly see the world in an entirely new and terrifying way. See how these people survived when a ghost ruined their life. What these people went through is absolutely terrifying, and fascinating to see how they dealt with such a desperate and often dangerous situation. I want the show to be a guide to how to deal with a hostile entity if you ever find yourself in this situation, and as a warning for how to not invite these beings into your life.”

“Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life” premieres on Friday, Oct. 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on T+E, during the channel’s annual Creep Week event, running from Saturday, Oct. 9 to Sunday, Oct. 17.

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