It’s safe to say that Ana de Armas isn’t much of a “Star Wars” fan after she took on Jimmy Fallon’s “Box of Lies” during her Friday night appearance on “The Tonight Show”.

In the recurring bit, de Armas and Fallon are offered a selection of “mystery boxes,” inside which are objects they’ve never seen before, and must then describe to the other, with each having to guess whether the other is lying or telling the truth.

Choosing the first box, de Armas was met with a doozy: a half a hollowed-out pumpkin, full of bubbles to resemble a tiny hot tub, in which are sitting action figures of “Halloween” slasher Michael Myers, “Friday the 13th” psycho Jason Voorhees, and “Star Wars” amphibian Jar Jar Binks.

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She started off by telling the truth, describing a “jacuzzi pumpkin” with three people inside. “I really don’t know who these people are,” she continued. “They’re murderers. They’re like, bad people.”

Fallon clarified, “These are three murderers in a pumpkin hot tub,” he quipped. “Now, if this is a lie I will give you a million dollars. There is no way you can be making this up.”

After correctly surmising she was telling the truth, Fallon got to see what de Armas had been describing. “I don’t know what that is,” she said, referring to Jar Jar. “Looks like a shrimp to me.”

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Meanwhile, in her “Tonight Show” interview de Armas discussed how she used to hitchhike to school, getting kicked out of acting school, and working with Daniel Craig in two back-back movies, “Knives Out” and “No Time to Die”.