Kim Kardashian made her “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut on the Oct. 9 edition of the late-night sketch show, which included her playing Princess Jasmine in an “Aladdin”-themed sketch, with “SNL” cast member Pete Davidson as Aladdin.

As they fly on a magic carpet above the Middle East, Aladdin tells the princess he has a confession.

“Do you feel self-conscious because I’m the daughter of a sultan, and you’re just a lowly street rat?” she asks him.

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“Well, I think ‘street rat’ might be a slur, it’s not that,” he tells her.

“Are you intimidated that I’m friends with a bunch of wealthy celebrities, and your only friend is a monkey?” she asks.

That’s not it either, and he proceeds to share his fear that when it comes time for the two to start “doing sex,” he’s “just a little concerned that physically I can’t handle you… you might, like, break me… you’re a lot of woman, and I’m so frail because all I eat is stolen bread.”

Feeling inadequate, Aladdin gives his lamp a rub and conjures up the Genie (Bowen Yang), telling him he’s ready to use his third wish.

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“The one you were gonna use to set me free?” the Genie excitedly asks.

“Yeah, we’re gonna scrap that,” Aladdin tells him, revealing his wish. “I want you to make me like Pinocchio, but down there,” he says, gesturing to his crotch.

After the Genie grants Aladdin’s wish for bigger junk, he and Jasmine finally kiss.

Viewers were not expecting to see Kardashian kiss Davidson, and shared their surprised reactions on Twitter.

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on Global.