Nicki Minaj complied with all the COVID-19 protocols she was required to observe in order to co-host “The Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion, so says Andy Cohen. However, her vaccination status remains unclear.

The Housewives progenitor, 53, discussed Minaj’s surprising guest stint as co-host of the “RHOP” reunion on Monday’s episode of his SiriusXM show, “Andy Cohen Live.”

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“I did a full jumbo sized Potomac Reunion with the ladies that did not disappoint,” Cohen told co-host John Hill. “And little did they know that floors above us in glam was Nicki Minaj.”

In August, Minaj posted that she wanted to host the reunion. Cohen took her up on her offer, though he hosted the bulk of the special before passing the baton to Minaj.

“She wrote her own questions,” Cohen said on Monday. “She surprised the ladies after I had really worn them down to the bone. Here comes Nicki Minaj. I gave her my seat. I stepped aside and she did her own version of a reunion, with the Housewives of Potomac.”

He added, “And let me tell you, as I said, when I walked back on later hours later, I was like, ‘wow, you said all the s–t I could never get away with saying on several levels.’ She was reading the women. She was also talking to them just as a fan and as a mom.”

“I had never seen anything like it,” Cohen continued. “I really enjoyed watching it.”

Still, Cohen said “there were moments that seemed very awkward for the Potomac Housewives.”

“I felt very codependent because I had surrendered my chair and here they were kind of under Nicki’s command in a way,” he explained, “because she’s kind of driving the bus and she’s got the cards and she’s asking the questions, and there were some moments that you will see play out that you will be like, wow, I can’t believe she said that, or I can’t believe, you know, but I will say when it was over, everyone really left with a smile and I feel like it was a, it was a, it was a real, it was a real journey for everyone involved. It was a real journey for everyone involved.”

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And “Super Bass” singer took her role seriously, asking the housewives questions for three hours.

Given Minaj’s recently voiced skepticism about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and the fact that some TV shows require cast members to be vaccinated, it’s not surprising that Hill asked Cohen whether Minaj was vaccinated.

“She followed all COVID protocols,” Cohen said. “Good question. I’m glad you asked that. Yeah. Yeah. She followed all the COVID protocols.”

However, the COVID protocols may not have included vaccination as a requirement. On Friday, TMZ reported that Minaj did not have to get a vaccine in order to co-host the reunion.

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