Victor Garber Reveals Alzheimer’s Family Tragedy on ‘Katie’

On Wednesday’s episode of Katie, Canadian-born stage, screen and TV actor Victor Garber speaks candidly about his own personal struggles with Alzheimer’s, having lost both his mother and father to the disease. In addition, he also discusses whether he plans to be tested for the Alzheimer’s gene.

Since both his parents died from Alzheimer’s-related causes, Katie asks the Tony-winning star whether he plans to be tested to see if he possesses the gene.

“I have no interest in that, at the moment,” he says. “Because what can I do? Until someone says, ‘Here’s what we can do to eradicate or at least slow the process, definitively…'”

Until some type of cure or effective treatment is in place, he adds, “what good does [testing] do me? As long as I can remember my lines and remember your name — Katie!”

Victor Garber’s interview airs Wednesday, Oct. 2 on Katie.



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