Rob Lowe’s son is not a fan of his dad in sleeveless vests and jeans.

Lowe, 57, took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted side-by-side photos. On the left is his “9-1-1: Lone Star” look, which features the star actor in a sleeveless green plaid buttoned shirt. On the right is a young Lowe in a black buttoned vest and denim jeans, circa 1996’s “Youngblood”.

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“‘911: Lone Star (2021)’  vs. ‘Youngblood (1985)’. Who wore it better?” Lowe captioned the post.

Rob’s son Johnny Lowe, 26, delivered a sobering response.

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Neither of you wore it better,” commented the junior Lowe. “There’s no better here.”

The official “9-1-1: Lone Star” Instagram handle had a more supportive take: “Lookin’ good, cap!”