Hockey fan Justin Bieber will be on hand to open the 2021 NHL season.

On Tuesday, ESPN shared a brief video on its various social media platforms, featuring a voiceover from the “Yummy” singer.

“It was the perfect pairing of sport and sound,” says Bieber, hinting a musical performance might be in the cards.

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“A crescendo of power, precision and passion,” Bieber continues, while a keyboard is being played within a recording studio, teasing the possibility of a Bieber-centric theme song, perhaps.

While the exact nature of Bieber’s participation is being kept under wraps, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman confirmed Bieber was indeed going to be a part of opening the new NHL season, which begins on Tuesday with the Pittsburgh Penguins taking on the Tampa Bay Lightning.

“He’s going to be intro-ing our game,” Bettman said Monday on “Good Morning America,” adding, “Tune in tomorrow night and you’ll see it. He is a huge fan, and we’re excited to have him as part of the NHL family.”