Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac put a lot on the line to make “Scenes From A Marriage”, including their friendship.

The two stars first studied together at Julliard and star in “A Most Violent Year”, but it was acting out the ups and downs of a marriage that they worried could change things.

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“We’re close friends and that was important for many reasons, a big one being that we have a shorthand together – we’re efficient,” Isaac told Yahoo!.

“It also became difficult and quite painful in later episodes where not only are we verbally but physically hurting each other. And when you’re filming those scenes with someone that you really love – because there’s deep love between Oscar and I – it becomes very complex and difficult to navigate. And I think you see it in the work,” Chastain added, explaining that in some scenes they are “physically hurting each other” it was “very complex and difficult to navigate” since she and Issac have a “deep love” for one another.

“It was a raw shoot for both of us and thank goodness our friendship is OK and we keep talking and our families have vacationed together and spent a lot of time together,” Chastain contained.

“But while we were shooting it, at the very beginning, I looked right at him and I said ‘are we going to be friends after this?’ because it felt way too upsetting and too intense. But I’m very happy to say that we are still very good friends!”

Clearly their friendship is still holding strong after the two went viral for their appearance during the Venice Film Festival as he kissed her arm.

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“We’re acting, but also Oscar and I have been friends — we went to college together — so we’ve been friends more than half of our lives,” Chastain later said of the moment. “We know so much about each other, so we know how to make each other laugh without even saying anything.”