Alessia Cara is a woman of many talents.

The Canadian singer chats to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday and shows off her new Owen Wilson impression, consisting of the one word most linked to him: “Wow!”

Cara also shows off her Jennifer Coolidge and Kourtney Kardashian impressions, telling DeGeneres, “I’ve always enjoyed mimicking people and doing accents and stuff, but I didn’t really think I was good at them until people keep asking me to do them.”

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Cara then opens up about mental health and shares she sets aside 30 minutes of “worry time” to help ease her anxiety.

She admits, “It’s difficult, this is something that my therapist brought up to me. She wanted me to do this exercise to kind of show us that we are in control of our minds, no matter how difficult, no matter what’s going on in there. You can control it.

“Often times it feels like a tidal wave, especially [with] anxiety and worrying. Those feelings can feel larger than you.”

Cara says that if you set aside the time for worrying “you can postpone it.”

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Plus, the musician takes the stage to perform “Best Days” off her new album, In the Meantime. See more in the clip above.