Decades after it first hit bookshelves, Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic is finally getting the epic blockbuster treatment it deserves.

On Wednesday, Entertainment Weekly debuts its new cover story, taking fans between the scenes of Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune”, with motion covers featuring stars Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Ocsar Isaac and more.

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Talking about his relationship to the original 1965 novel, Chalamet says, “It’s one of the books that I really hold close to my heart now.”

He continues, “Not because I had the good fortune of getting to star in a movie adaptation, but because there are just so many lessons in it through the eyes of Paul: Whether they’re warnings of colonialism and colonial mindsets, or the destruction and exploitation of the environment. But then also there are really prescient lessons on becoming an adult and what it means to try to grapple with who you are in the world when there sometimes are greater things at play, or when you have to wrestle with a terrible purpose as Paul does.”

Also featured in the issue are actresses Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Rebecca Ferguson.

“We all have different techniques to how we work. I’ve never met a director who can so wonderfully embrace everyone’s individuality and know exactly what to give each and every one at a certain moment,” Ferguson says of working with Villeneuve on the film. “Everyone was so humble to the story and to Denis. There were no egos in that sense. People were just there to do a great job and to deliver the best for him.”

Actor Josh Brolin adds, “He has this great way of elevating everybody and lifting morale. But when it comes down to scenes, there’s something that shifts. You don’t think it’s happening, but he allows everybody to feel really collaborative and yet he has a very set vision.”

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Talking about his action hero character Duncan Idaho, star Jason Momoa says, “Duncan is a highly-trained chess player who is skilled and thoughtful in war. Duncan is 100 per cent a knight. He’s very regal, and he’s sacrificed everything for this family.”

Amid all the big, sci-fi spectacle, it’s the relevance of the story in “Dune” that comes before anything else for Villeneuve.

“‘Dune’ shows a world that has gone too far, a world that has lost balance. I hope we will not go there, but I feel it’s something that should be at the forefront of all citizens in the world and all politicians,” the director says. “‘Dune’ is also about a love of science and the power of the human brain. We need to trust scientists. We are at a crossroads, and we have to change, we have to adapt our ways of living. That’s going to be a big challenge, people don’t want to change, but we will need to if we want to survive. That’s what ‘Dune’ is about; it’s about adaptation.”

“Dune” opens in theatres Oct. 22.