Ethan Hawke is showing off his sinister side in the upcoming horror movie “The Black Phone”.

Reteaming with his “Sinister” director Scott Derrickson, Hawke is a serial killer known as “The Grabber” in the new movie, based on a short horror story by Joe Hill.

Set in suburbia in the 1970s, a small-town boy named Finney (Mason Thames) is kidnapped by child murderer, The Grabber. Held in captive in his basement, each night, an old disconnected black rotary phone on the wall rings with the calls of the killer’s previous victims. Guided by the voice of those who lost their lives a the hands of The Grabber, Finney plots his escape from his abductor’s clutches.

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Produced by Blumhouse Productions, founder Jason Blum called “The Black Phone” the “scariest movie he’d ever worked on” back in August at Cinemacon. Audiences will get to judge just how frightening the flick is when it arrives in theatres on Feb. 4, 2022.

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