Julianna Margulies stands by her role as a gay character in Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show”.

Margulies, 55, and Reese Witherspoon have a romantic relationship in the popular drama. Margulies shares son Kieran Lindsay, 13, with longtime husband Keith Lieberthal and dished on the potential backlash she may receive as a heterosexual woman portraying a lesbian.

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“Who’s to say I haven’t had my own gay experiences? We’re making assumptions,” Margulies told the “Just for Variety” podcast, per Daily Mail. “I know there was some trepidation of ‘Will lesbian actresses be angry?’ And I can tell you I would never, ever be angry if a lesbian played a straight woman.”

“You’ve got Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon playing these two very strong characters, and in the second season instead of bringing a man in to upset that balance they brought in a woman. Hats off to that, because the truth is women are more afraid of women.”

Margulies continued to make her case for casting a woman in the role as opposed to a man.

“They dress for women. We don’t dress for men. We dress for each other. We want to impress each other much more,” she explained. “It made so much sense, and I thought, ‘Ah, a show that gets women. This is great.'”

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“If they want me, I would be back,” the actress said about returning for a potential third season. “I would be back in a jiffy.”

Apple TV+ has yet to renew “The Morning Show” for a third season. It is currently in the middle of its sophomore season run.