Cher is taking legal action against Sonny Bono’s widow.

On Wednesday, Deadline reported that Cher has filed suit against Mary Bono, alleging that she has illegally withheld royalties from the songs they released as Sonny & Cher in the ’60s.

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The suit accuses Mary of keeping Cher from her share of royalties generated by hits like “I Got You Babe” and “The Beat Goes On”, to the tune of $1 million.

Cher and Sonny married in 1969 and divorced in 1975, agreeing to split royalties from their songs.

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According to the lawsuit, Mary has “undone” Cher’s ownership of the rights and royalties, though there were no specifics given about this claim.

Sonny married Mary, his fourth wife, in 1986. The singer and eventual American politician died in a skiing accident in 1998. Following his death, Mary was elected as Sonny’s successor in the U.S. House of Representatives, where she served until 2013.