Billie Eilish is getting her own back on Jimmy Kimmel.

The singer chatted to the host on Wednesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, where she mentioned the game he had her play during her last appearance on the show in 2019.

Kimmel quizzed Eilish on things that were popular back in 1984 when he was her age, with the teen pretending to not know who Van Halen were at the time.

“Do you remember last time I was here?” Eilish asked on Wednesday, “and you made me look a little stupid.”

Kimmel responded regarding the now-viral segment, “Well, yeah, accidentally. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

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Eilish insisted, “I thought it was funny because I was playing along, and everybody thought I was actually serious and didn’t know anything.”

Kimmel replied, “As I recall, you weren’t familiar with Van Halen, and I was like, ‘What?'”

Eilish said, “Yes, there was a lot things you asked, and I was like, ‘I don’t know.'”

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The host mentioned that “everyone jumped down your throat, like, ‘Oh, you should know who Van Halen is,'” as the “Happier Than Ever” hitmaker said, “It was funny—I didn’t really care.”

Eilish then attempted to come up with her own quiz to mock Kimmel but she couldn’t think of anything on the spot, other than reciting a popular TikTok.

During her appearance, Kimmel also helped Eilish cross some things off the bucket list she wrote when she was 12, which included being kicked out of Target, punching somebody (Kimmel) and cutting someone’s hair. See more in the clip below.

She then performed “Happier Than Ever”: