Jamie Lee Curtis may star in one of the most successful horror movie franchises in “Halloween”, but that doesn’t mean she’s a fan of the genre.

Curtis appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” to promote her new movie “Halloween Kills”; the hosts asked her if there were any scary movies that she liked besides “Halloween”.

The actress insisted, “I don’t like any! I don’t like ‘Halloween’! Why would I like it? I’ve seen it five times in a theatre and I still put my hands up in front of my face the entire movie. Why do people like these movies? I don’t understand.”

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She also spoke about how her godson Jake Gyllenhaal lived with her during part of the pandemic.

Curtis shared, “He learned how to bake sourdough bread. He was one of those people. There was a mass of people around the world that felt that all this time alone demanded and learned new expertise, which is sourdough bread from really good starter. So yes, he became a sourdough bread aficionado.

“I would be sitting in my office at my house and we were still in the middle of COVID. So everybody was staying really far away from each other. And I remember my window would be open at my desk and this figure would come up on my desk and just slide a plate with a steaming boule of sourdough bread, and then he would walk away.”

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Curtis added, “Oh, he’s a one, by the way. Both Maggie and Jake are having such wonderful creative years. And I don’t know if you’ve seen his movie on Netflix [‘The Guilty’] shot in 11 days during COVID with the director, not even being on the set because he had been exposed. And so he was in a van, three blocks away and everybody was on zoom screens. It’s so good. And it’s just such a testament to creativity, ingenuity, and the power of storytelling, that you can strip away all of the artifice of it and get a set and get some cameras and shoot 11 days and tell that kind of a story. It’s astonishing.”