When he’s out for a drink, Daniel Craig often prefers a gay bar.

Appearing this week on the podcast “Lunch with Bruce”, the “No Time to Die” star explained that he doesn’t like “the aggressive d**k swinging in hetero bars.”

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The 53-year-old continued, “I’ve been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember. One of the reasons: because I don’t get into fights in gay bars that often.

“[Gay bars] would just be a good place to go. Everybody was chill. Everybody. You didn’t really have to sort of state your sexuality. It was OK. And it was a very safe place to be. And I could meet girls there, cos there are a lot of girls there for exactly the same reason I was there. It was kind of an ulterior motive.”

He also described “eating in a punch-up” during a night out, adding that it happened “quite a lot” when he went to straight bars.

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Craig was also asked about 2010 paparazzi photos of him and the podcast host Bruce Bozzi hugging outside a gay bar, which prompted tabloid speculation about his sexuality.

“We’re tactile, we love each other. We give each other hugs, it’s OK. We’re two f**king grown men,” Craig said. “For me, it was one of those situations, and the irony is, we kind of got caught, I suppose, which was kind of weird because we were doing nothing f**king wrong.

“What happened is we were having a nice night and I was talking to you about my life when my life was changing and we got drunk and I was like, ‘Oh, let’s just go to a bar. Come on, let’s f**king go out.’”