While promoting his latest film “Ron’s Gone Wrong”, singer-turned-voice actor Liam Payne spoke with ET Canada about a concept that’s explored in the film about disliking someone initially but eventually becoming very close friends.

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The former One Direction member revealed that he and group mate Louis Tomlinson didn’t like each other when they first met on “The X Factor” over 10 years ago.

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“Me and Louis did not get along. We all got thrown together, and we didn’t know each other when got made into a band.”

Payne admits things between him and Tomlinson were very rocky in the start, explaining “We hated each other, it was that strong!”

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However, Directioners need not worry — there is no bad blood between the two. Nowadays it’s quite the opposite.

“Now we are actually the best of friends within the band, which I think is absolutely hilarious…I think even in those moments of angst it breathes a connection between you both.”

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