Robert Pattinson’s Batman is sounding better and better.

On Thursday, an extremely brief new teaser was released for “The Batman”, in anticipation of a new full trailer debuting at the DC Fandome event on Oct. 16.

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The 6-second teaser features only footage of the Bat-Signal being lit up in red in the pouring rain, with Pattinson’s voice as Batman saying, “It’s not just a signal; it’s a warning.”

On Twitter, fans got very excited about hearing Pattinson’s gruff Batman voice.

Pattinson was previously heard voicing the line, “I’m vengeance,” in the original teaser for the film released at last year’s Fandome event.

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Some fans also attempted to analyze the meaning and thematic importance of the line in the new teaser.

“The Batman” is scheduled to hit theatres March 4, 2022.