Chloë Grace Moretz was a “good sport” on Thursday as she attended a game between the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Islanders.

The “Dark Shadows” actress was gutsy as she showed off her Islanders jersey at the game held in Carolina.

Putting Moretz up on the jumbotron, the crowd booed her.

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The Hurricanes’ mascot Stormy tried to give Moretz a different shirt to put on she laughed it off and stayed true to her team.

“Welp, @ChloeGMoretz is not a Jerk 🤷,” the Hurricanes’ tweeted. “Good sport though!”

Moretz responded with the monkey covering its eyes emoji.

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Moretz has long been an Islanders fan and is often spotted at their games. She is also known for her support of the team on social media.