Mexican birthday traditions make for quite the party.

In Thursday night, “Eternals” co-stars Salma Hayek and Kumail Nanjiani appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, and the host brought up Hayek’s recent bash.

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“Okay, there was no birthday party. All of those people were crashers,” Hayek laughed.

She explained, “Everybody felt sorry for my loneliness so they just showed up at my house. You know? Before I knew it, 25 people. I mean, I had to say, bring some booze! Thank god there was a cake

In a video from the party, Hayek’s friends and family are seen chanting “mordida” as the actress has her face pushed into a cake by none other than “Eternals” co-star Angelina Jolie.

“This is the power of Salma Hayek, she can get them to chant something that they don’t know what it is,” Nanjiani joked.

Hayek explained that “mordida” means bite and that Mexican tradition calls for biting the birthday cake hands-free after blowing out candles.

“And then there’s always one that hits you and sticks your face inside the cake,” she said. ‘This time Angelina came.”

She continued, “We were starting mordita. She’s like, ‘What’s happening? What’s happening?’. A bunch of Mexicans.”

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But apparently Jolie was hesitant to do it, as Hayek recalled, “We told her that I was going to bite and the tradition was and she said, ‘No. No. Oh, no. I cannot do that. I cannot’. She got over it, the no,’ Salma said drawing laughter from the audience.”

Finally, Jolie put her hand behind Hayek’s head to help get her face right into the cake.

“That was a very gentle push. I feel like you put your own head in the cake,” Kimmel said, before asking Nanjiani if he was at the part, too.

‘No, I guess I was not one of the 25 people. I mordida’d at home. I mordida’d myself to sleep at home,” Kumail laughed.