Megan Thee Stallion is really bringing the heat behind Hot Girl Summer.

This week, the rapper appeared on “Hot Ones”, downing spicy wings while answering questions about her life and career.

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As she explains up front, she loves spicy food, which makes getting through the first few wings an easy task.

“What is this called, ‘Hot Ones’, or ‘Cold Ones’?” she jokes.

The rapper also talks about getting to work with BTS on the hit “Butter”.

“I feel like what was special about it was that we all really wanted to do it and there was a little trouble getting there,” she says. “But we all got through it and I feel like everybody was so excited about it. I was so excited to meet them. They came to New York, and they wanted to meet me. I was like ‘Y’all wanna see me?’ We all went up to Roc Nation, they came and they met [my dog] 40e and they gave us gifts… it was so cute.”

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Talking about collaborating with Cardi B on the video for “WAP”, Megan says, “Cardi was like ‘Megan, I really wanna do a scene with some snakes.’ And I was like, ‘If Cardi say she want me to lay down with some snakes, I got lay down with some snakes with her a**.’ I met the snakes before we lay down and I felt like we were keeping the peace and then the whole time I was laying there, Cardi was like ‘Megan, Megan, Megan…’ and trying to be all sexy still, but we were scared as hell.”

As the wings get hotter, Megan does begin to have a harder time.

“Why is this hot sauce like playing tag?” she asks with one particularly hot bite.