There may be a rather bizarre Adele collaboration on its way in the future.

The singer chatted to Capital Breakfast Friday after releasing her epic new single “Easy On Me”, with the hosts asking her about recently insisting she’d never collab with Peppa Pig during her Instagram Live.

The Capital hosts had a special message for Adele from the beloved cartoon character, who said: “Hello Adele *snort*, that made me really really sad when you said you wouldn’t collaborate with me! Why not? Don’t you like me?”

Adele responded, “First of all babes, Peppa that ain’t the one of you I know. That’s not the same voice as the one that I grew up with with my son.”

Added Adele: “Oh my gosh, but Peppa I spent three years watching you.”

As for refusing the collab offer, Adele explained with a laugh, “I deeply regret it, anytime you want to go jumping in muddy puddles and singing in muddy puddles, I’m with you babes. I felt terrible the second I said it!”

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The hosts told the singer, whose new music video hit 23 million views in just 14 hours, that she’d be welcome to pop in for a good cup of tea when she’s home, given that she probably can’t get the real deal in Los Angeles.

Adele replied that she would “100 per cent,” while offering an assessment of Los Angeles’ tea game.

“You can’t no [get a decent cuppa], because the dairy is different,” she explained. “You know the cows. I’ve got PG tips all the time, I carry them in my handbag!”