Wendy Moten and Manny Keith wow “The Voice” coaches with an incredible performance in a sneak peek at Monday night’s Battle Rounds episode.

The Team Blake pair show off their powerful vocals by belting out an epic cover of Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”.

Ariana Grande gushes after the performance, “From the moment you walked out, your energy was so amazing Manny. I loved it so much,” she adds. “You have this really unique vibrato which I think is so cool and so uniquely you. I think it’s probably the hardest thing in the world to sing with Wendy.”

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She tells Moten, “Oh my God, that voice is one in a zillion. Obsessed. Goosebumps everywhere. Leaving my body, like hovering watching this from an out of body experience. It’s unreal what you can do. Every time you perform for us, I don’t stop thinking about it. You both were incredible, but I would have to give this to Wendy.”

John Legend adds that the talented duo look “like stars up there” before adding one “minor note” in his critique.

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“You were giving very different interpretations physically,” he admits. “It felt like you weren’t performing together, but I love you both.”

Kelly Clarkson describes Keith as “the music,” whereas Moten “was the words.”

“Manny… I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. I loved your runs, your vibrato, it was so cool. Wendy… you were the message. I’ve done quite a few singing competitions all over the world, and this was literally one of the best things I’ve ever heard, ever,” she shares.

“You were a four-chair turn, and we all wanted you on our teams and are still wondering why you’re on Blake’s,” Clarkson says. “But if you don’t make the finale, something is wrong with the world.”

Shelton jokes that “when Wendy came to this show, she couldn’t sing,” adding: “Two rehearsals with me, and this is what happens. Wendy, I gotta agree with everyone else: I don’t know why you chose me as your coach, but thank you to ‘The Voice’ gods for shining down on me in that moment.”

Shelton then praises Keith for all of his “hard work,” gushing: “Manny knew what he was up against. You stood toe to toe with Wendy up there, and, man, you sang the hell out of it. You had challenges, you had problems in rehearsals, and you figured out a way to get through it and get better.”