Demi Lovato is looking back at their first encounter with UFOs.

While promoting their new show “Unidentified with Demi Lovato,” the star spoke with ET Canada about what made them want to explore extraterrestrial activity with viewers.

“When I was like 18, I saw a UFO in the middle of the Hollywood cemetery. And I was with a group of about 20 people and we just looked up and saw this really weird object in the sky. Way, way, way, way up with all the stars,” Lovato recalled of first seeing a UFO.

Taking their fans “along for the journey”, Lovato has had the added challenge of convincing their best friend, Matthew. Luckily their sister, Dallas, who is also featured on the show, was already “a believer.”

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“I would say their minds have changed, at least with Matthew, his mind has changed a little bit. He’s less of a skeptic now,” Lovato added.

And should Lovato, Matthew and Dallas come across ETs in their adventures, they will be the luckiest new fans of Lovato as the “Confident” singer would play their unheard songs for them.

Adding, “I would probably play them some songs that I haven’t released yet because they’re new and I have some songs that are that I haven’t released that are inspired by my experiences with it.”

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For those watching the four part series, Lovato hopes they take away an important message.

“It’s really important that we learn to expand our consciousness because that’s the most important thing that we can do here on Earth in order to try to save our planet in order to try to progress. It’s just really important that we take steps towards enlightenment.”

“Unidentified with Demi Lovato” premieres Sunday, Nov. 7 at 11 p.m. ET on W Network and STACKTV and will be available to stream on hayu starting Monday, Nov. 8.