Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer had a wild date night this week.

As detailed on Erb’s Instagram story, the couple, who met on this season of “Bachelor In Paradise”, experienced an unforgettable date night with a very dramatic car ride.

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“Just took Abigail out to a nice dinner. We were enjoying ourselves, incredible experience, food was great,” Erb explained. “We hop in the car. We start listening to Annie of all things. ‘The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow.’ It starts raining. The mood is getting right. We get to my house. I stop the car. I look at Abigail and think, ‘Dang, she looks really pretty’ so I start kissing her.”

He added, “Turns out I never put the car in park and I rolled right through my grass and hit my house. Genuinely, small little kiss turned into me hitting my house. I’ve never done that before. I wouldn’t even think to do that.”

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“It’s absurd. But here I am, letting all things go to shambles for a little bit of love.”

Erb and Heringer met on season seven of the hit reality dating show, but decided to split instead of getting engaged during the season finale.

The couple soon rekindled the romance away from cameras.