Way back when, Heather Locklear worked with pint-sized Drew Barrymore in the film adaptation of “Firestarter”, and the former co-stars reunited for the latest edition of “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

During their conversation, Barrymore revealed she was a huge “Melrose Place” fan, and used to hold “watching parties” with her friends each Wednesday night.

“First of all I had those parties because I wasn’t on for the first 18 episodes,” said Locklear, who didn’t join the show until near the end of the first season.

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“So I was like, ‘Look at this great show,’ and people would go, ‘You should be on it.’ And I was like, ‘I am too old to be on it,’ and everyone was in their 20s and I was almost 30…” she joked.

According to Locklear, “I thought that kind of the coolest part was I was married and I got to bed hop with all these handsome actors and make out, and I was like, ‘What a great job I have.’ You know you can’t do it with other people if you are married but if it’s your work…”

Looking back at her bedroom scenes with her “Melrose Place” love interest Grant Show, Locklear offered a surprising revelation.

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“You know, Grant Show was dating someone on the show for a while and I think he wanted to honour her and we had a bed scene and he had no shirt on, and I don’t know what I had on, and under the covers he had full-on jeans and work boots,” she recalled. “I thought it was really sweet of him to make the girl feel good.”

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