Celine Dion’s Advice For Britney Spears

Celine Dion is set to release her first new English-language album in six-years and our very own Natasha Gargiulo was invited to Miami to not only sit down with one of the most talented vocalists of our generation, but enjoy a private listening party from the new album as well.

And boy do we mean “party.”; Bringing her Vegas audio engineer, installing huge speakers along with a big screen and cutting images for each song, Celine proved that only she can turn a listening party into a spectacle.

“It’s different, a different approach, and I’m loving that,”; Celine tells Natasha about why her new album, Loved Me Back To Life, can be considered her edgiest material yet.  Elaborating, the Vegas staple says, “I think I’ve done more than 25 albums with pretty much the same way of working – the same menu!  We know we’re going to start with an appetizer, gonna have a main course, have dessert, might have a little glass of wine – sometimes! A little coffee? We’re cruising, we know what to expect.”;

As the chanteuse tells Natasha, she feels like “she’s entering into her second career,”; and another pop diva is entering into her territory.  Britney Spears is getting ready to start her tenure in Vegas and Celine says the princess of pop doesn’t need any advice from her.  “She’s been there,”; Celine tells Natasha, “she’s been on stage, she’s shook it all out! She’s very talented and knows exactly what to do.”;

Not too shabby, getting a vocal endorsement from Celine Dion herself!  Celine does hope that Britney can “find wonderful people who can help her find a balance between the artist that she is and the mother.”;  Adding, “Try to find an emotional balance and cope with those two and be the best of both worlds and I think she can really do it!”;

For more with Celine in Miami, watch the video below.



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