Daniel Craig made a surprise appearance on “Saturday Night Live”  to support the hosting debut of his “No Time to Die” co-star Rami Malek.

In one sketch Malek, and “SNL” cast member Kenan Thompson play the finalists auditioning to play late rock icon Prince in a biopic from director Jordan Peele (played by Chris Redd), who tells the two that there’s only one way to settle it: a “Prince-off,” in which Peele calls out some random scenes from the script, and the competing actors must then deliver their “absolute best Prince performance at the same time.”

Peele’s first suggestion — “Show me Prince doing a funky lick on the guitar” — was followed by “Prince getting pelted in the legs with a football,” and Prince stepping on a Lego.

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After a few more (including Prince getting shot in the stomach, and realizing his virgin Pina Colada isn’t actually virgin), Peele makes his choice, going with Thompson because “I can’t cast a white guy as Prince.”

Suddenly, the audition is interrupted by Craig, who bursts in wearing Shakespearean garb, declaring that he’s there to audition “for the part of the prince.”

Despite misunderstanding the audition isn’t for a prince, but for the Prince, Craig asks, “Can I still have a go?” as he straps on a guitar.

“Fine,” says Redd’s Peele. “Show me Prince seeing an adorable dog” — which then bites him, causing him to try to kick the dog, but miss, causing Craig to stumble into Thompson.

“Hey!” shouts the “SNL” star. “Get off me, double-O ugly!”

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“How was that?” asks Craig.

“That was bad,” admits the director, adding, “But you’re James Bond, so you got the part.”

Meanwhile, Craig also appeared in another sketch, playing an audience member at to see improvisational singer Angelo (new featured player Aristotle Athari) and interpretive dancer Todd (Malek), a.k.a. “what’s next in dance.”

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