Susan Sarandon is opening up about her final conversations with former flame David Bowie.

The late music icon passed away in 2015 following a battle with liver cancer.

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The pair got together around the time they were filming “The Hunger” in 1983.

“I was fortunate enough to be closer to him right before he died, the last couple of months. He did find me again,” said Sarandon in a new interview with the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine. “We talked to each other and said some things that needed to be said.”

The Oscar winner said she felt “so fortunate to be able to see him when he told me what was going on with him.”

Sarandon also explained why her last phone call with Bowie was blurry.

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At the time, the “Stepmom” actress was in Greece highlighting the country’s refugee crisis.

“I wasn’t sleeping so I took a pretty strong sleep aid. And I had this dream that David had called me and that we’d had this conversation,” she remembered. “Then later I thought, Did he actually call me? And I went to my phone and he had. But I have no recollection of what that conversation was.”

Sarandon added, “He died a week later. It’s all so frustrating.”