Greta Thunberg is not about to give up on climate change advocacy.

Thunberg, 18, showed off her singing skills at the recent Climate Live 2021 event in Sweden.

The young climate activist took to the microphone and sang along to Rick Astley’s Internet-immortalized song, “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

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Astley caught wind of the performance and tweeted his appreciation for Thunberg.

“Fantastic and Tack så mycket (translates to ‘thanks so much’ via Google Translate)! Rick x,” he wrote. Thunberg replied with a trio of heart emojis.

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“Never Gonna Give You Up” was originally released by Astley on July 27, 1987, as the English singer-songwriter’s debut single. It was the first single from his album, Whenever You Need Somebody.

While already iconic to previous generations, the song reached iconic status to younger generations online for its use in the popular internet meme and prank known as Rickrolling.