As fans of the “Halloween” franchise are aware, the creepy white mask worn my murderous Michael Myers in the slasher-flick franchise is actually a Captain Kirk mask, modeled on the actual facial features of William Shatner.

Shatner recently guested on the “Jake’s Takes” YouTube series, where he was asked about his response to learning for the first time that the “Halloween” mask was actually him.

According to the 90-year-old actor, while he couldn’t recall how he first learned, he did recall his reaction.

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“I thought, ‘Is that a joke? Are they kidding?’” Shatner said.

While Shatner has never seen “Halloween,” he first saw the mask in a photo — and instantly knew it was him.

“I recognized it as the death mask they had made for me,” he explained.

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“They made a mask of my face on ‘Star Trek’ out of clay so I would not have to be available for the prosthetics they would have to put on my face to look old or evil or whatever it was they were making me look like,” he continued. “So somewhere along the line, someone got that mask and made a mask of it for Halloween [the holiday, not the movie].”