Alyssa Milano was one of several protesters arrested on Tuesday while demonstrating for voting rights outside the White House in Washington, DC.

Milano announced her arrest via Twitter, writing that she “was just arrested for demanding the Biden Administration and the Senate to use their mandate to protect voting rights.”

The protest was organized by People for the American Way, on which Milano is a board member; the organization was founded in the 1970s by legendary TV producer Norman Lear.

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The protesters urged the U.S. Senate to end the archaic filibuster, which has allowed the Republican minority to thwart efforts to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, which would provide legislation to make voting easier throughout the U.S. even as Republican-run states are enacting legislation making voting more difficult at the state level.

According to Deadline, prior to being arrested, Milano and her fellow protesters were warned by a U.S. Park Police officers they were violating a District of Columbia misdemeanor law prohibiting “crowding or obstructing streets or sidewalks.”

The former “Who’s the Boss?” star is at the nation’s capitol to testify before Congress on Thursday to support passing of the Equal Rights Amendment, which was originally set to be ratified in the 1970s but has languished in Congress for decades.

People for the American Way president Ben Jealous also shared video of his arrest on Twitter.