Gwyneth Paltrow discusses posing for a nude birthday snap, her 15-year-old son Moses’ reaction to Goop selling female pleasure products, and more on Wednesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

DeGeneres shows a photo Paltrow took of herself last year for her 48th birthday, in which she could be seen posing naked in a backyard.

Paltrow cringes, “That was scandalous. It was so lame, I’m so bad with this stuff anyway.”

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She continues, “Basically my team, we have this amazing product, it’s a body butter, and it’s literally incredible. They were like ‘hey, why don’t you pose nude for your birthday in honour of [this] body butter?’

“I was like ‘really? I don’t know, I’m a little old for this.’ I’m not a nude poster type of gal, then they talked me into it. So I was leaning the camera against a fence and taking my clothes off in a backyard. The whole thing was a disaster.”

Paltrow goes on to talk about her teenage son Moses cringing when he sees so much as a bra strap. However, she admits he’s proud of his mom for selling vibrators.

DeGeneres pulls out Goop’s new female libido and sexual health booster called DTF, which stands for “Down to f**k,” before bringing out a box containing one of Paltrow’s new blue and white sex toys.

“So Moses doesn’t like to see a bra strap — how does he feel about things like this?” the host asks.

The lifestyle guru insists, “Can I tell you the sweetest thing? A few months ago he said, ‘You know, mom’ — out of nowhere — ‘I was really embarrassed for a minute that Goop sold vibrators. And then I realized, no, this is great. You’re making people feel not embarrassed to buy something, and that’s great. You’re a feminist.'”

Plus, Paltrow reveals she lived on Rob Lowe and his now-wife Sheryl’s couch when she was an aspiring actress, as well as playing a game called “Gwyneth Blanking Paltrow” and sharing how she survived on a deserted island for three days.