Quarantine was tough for this masked killer.

On Tuesday’s “The Late Late Show”, James Corden debuted a hilarious new sketch in which he plays “Halloween Kills” villain Michael Myers, who takes an amazing journey on “The Masked Singer”.

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The sketch opens with an adorable pig character on “The Masked Singer” being revealed as “serial killer Michael Myers.”

Corden, in costume as the iconic character, says, “I want to show the world that I’m more than just the media’s portrayal. And I’m hoping that maybe this can be the start of a new beginning for me. Plus, I’ve had a crush on Jenny since ‘Singled Out’.”

In a talking head, he adds, “Look, Halloween is only one night a year. There are 364 other days where slaughtering people is the furthest thing from my mind.”

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The sketch then shows how Myers was locked in during the pandemic, forced to stay away from other people.

“It was tough for me, because I really am a people person,” he says.

The sketch also features an appearance by Jamie Lee Curtis as a very skeptical watcher.