Travis Tritt is taking an expensive stand against vaccine mandates.

Earlier this week, the country star announced that he is cancelling four of his upcoming shows hosted by venues that require masks or vaccines amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I totally disagree with any mandate that would force people to go against their better judgment or would attack their personal freedoms. That’s why I am making this stand,” Tritt told Billboard. “And I know, straight up, it’s definitely gonna cost me money and that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.” 

The singer explained that he was prompted to cancel the shows after receiving negative comments from fans about shows with those COVID safety requirements in place.

“I got literally hundreds of comments and direct messages from people on all social media platforms, which basically told me how disappointed they were,” he said. “They were heartbreaking.” 

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He also added that “in no way, shape, form, or fashion do ticket sales play into this decision.”

Tritt also tried to clarify that he’s “not against the vaccine,” but that he is “against forcing people to take medicine that they may not need and may not want.”

On tour, Tritt has also not required his staff or crew to be vaccinated.