Jonah Hill won’t stop surfing just because it upsets some people.

Hill, 37, recently reposted a photo of a sticker that reads, “Jonah Hill ruined surfing.” The “21 Jump Street” actor has been catching waves with his girlfriend — environmental activist girlfriend Sarah Brady — and has no intention of quitting.

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“I will never stop doing things that make me happy no matter how insecure my happiness makes you,” Hill wrote on Tuesday via his Instagram Story.

Brady, a third-generation member of the San Onofre Surfing Club in California, also clapped back at haters.

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“Only kooks do s**t like this,” Brady added on her own Story. “I know this ain’t it. Respect your beach by respecting others.

“If you feel the need to rain on someone else’s parade, ask yourself why and consider getting yourself a life,” she concluded. “I love my man @JonahHill and am proud of him for getting into surfing for the pure joy it brings.”