Cheryl Burke is sharing her addiction story.

On the “Heart of the Matter” podcast with host Elizabeth Vargas, the “Dancing With the Stars” competitor opens up about her struggles with alcoholism.

“I’m definitely an alcoholic and addict. Absolutely. Yes. 100 per cent.”

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The 37-year-old says that she started drinking when she was 21, and it quickly morphed into a nightly habit.

“I was a ballroom-by-day-type girl and then party- or club-goer at night — for 10 years in a row.”

Burke adds that her mentality at the time around alcohol was “all or nothing”: “This is how I would bully my friends when I would drink with them, like, ‘Oh, you’re going home? No. Drink more.'”

At a certain stage, her tolerance had become so high that “nothing got me drunk. I was a functioning drunk, for sure.”

Looking back on the emotional place she was in at the time, Burke acknowledges the darkness of that period.

“I was drinking because I was numbing — and we all know that that’s a scary place… It was survival mode constantly, seven days a week for me,” she says. “I had this saying: ‘I don’t trust people that are sober… There’s obviously some demons that they’re living.’ I was so ignorant to the fact that everything that I thought was weak is actually the most courageous thing you can possibly do.”

She adds, “To me crashing and burning is that feeling of just emptiness, of feeling there’s no purpose. I felt disgusting. There was nothing there. I had no identity.”

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Eventually it started to become far too much to handle.

“I knew that if I didn’t make a promise to myself to stop drinking that I was going to fall down the rabbit hole … I would crash and burn,” Burke says.

Her addiction came to a head during a trip to Thailand when she developed a “full on allergic reaction” to certain drinks.

“I took one fireball shot and I felt so angry,” she recalls. “and broke out into hives. Then I just quit that night of our engagement party.”

She adds, “Thank God for the hives because I don’t know if I’d be here today.”