Jonathan Goodwin is battling death with the forces of love.

Goodwin, 41, suffered a near-fatal accident on the set of “AGT: Extreme”, the “America’s Got Talent” spinoff featuring daredevil participants. Goodwin was unable to free himself before colliding cars exploded on either side of him, after which he reportedly fell 40 feet head first, per TMZ.

The stuntman miraculously survived and updated fans on Wednesday.

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I’ve tried my hardest over the years to be kind, thoughtful, honest, supportive, and good,” Goodwin began. “A couple of days ago my life took a complete left turn… and the outpouring of love from all the corners of the world; from people I didn’t even think would know or remember me… has just been astonishing.

“Truly incredible. I will have a lot to say on that matter and the benefits of being kind in the future.. but thank you. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent their love and support. It literally has been a lifesaver.”

Goodwin’s message to the public: Get yourself some love.

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“Love is all you need, so make sure you get some, cause it’s good s**t,” Goodwin wrote. “To death, I say nananana boo boo.

“To the rest of you,” he concluded. “Watch this space. There is a long road to recovery and that won’t look like what it did… I may leave the daft s**t alone for a while, but I have a lot left to do in this world. Maybe we can make something good together?”

The show was suspended following Goodwin’s accident. “AGT: Extreme” is expected to premiere late 2021 or early 2022.