Relive the magic of Robin Williams in “Superstar: Robin Williams”.

ABC 20/20 released a trailer for its documentary on the late comedian late last week. In a followup teaser, fellow comedian Paula Poundstone describes Williams as “the Tasmanian Devil of standup comedy.”

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“When you find that thing that you really love, there’s a bliss that goes along with it,” Williams said early in his standup career. “And there’s a bliss of knowing, ‘This is what I want to do.’ And when you find it, and know that that’s it, it is an incredibly powerful feeling.

“At some point you say, ‘This is who the hell I am. Yeah, I’m shy. And I’m also outrageous, too. That’s me. Computers is me. Running is me. Performing is me. Being in love is me.’ It’s all of this wonderful thing that you say is your whole life.”

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The new feature boasts interviews with Margaret Cho, Howie Mandel, Lewis Black, Jimmie Walker, Paula Poundstone, Gina Hecht, and Pauly Shore, plus director Barry Levinson (“Good Morning, Vietnam”).

ABC will premiere “Superstar: Robin Williams” on Wednesday, Oct. 20, followed by its Hulu debut the next day.