When it comes to versatility as an actor, Michael Keaton is tough to beat. After all, the same actor who played Batman also elicited belly laughs in comedies such as “Beetlejuice” and “Mr. Mom” before going on to win an Oscar nomination (and a Golden Globe win) for his dark dramatic performance in “Birdman”.

In a new excerpt from Keaton’s upcoming interview with “60 Minutes”, he speaks to Jon Wertheim about his craft, his career, and his latest role as a rural doctor overwhelmed by the Oxycontin epidemic in new Hulu miniseries “Dopesick”.

“People talk about range… flattering. But range doesn’t really — range, schmange,” says Keaton in the interview.

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“I don’t think of it in terms of, ‘Well, you played that. Then you were funny. And then you —then you were a sad man. And then you…’ You know, that’s not really to me… range… you go inside the person… because they’re human beings, you know.”

Of course, that’s easy for him to say in hindsight, but Keaton also recalls the disbelief that came with the news that he — who had only appeared in comedies at that point — had been cast to play Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 classic.

“There was a lot of pressure on that movie for everybody,” Keaton recalls. “I think Tim and I both knew… ‘Ooh, this could really fail.'”

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While “Batman” may have changed the public’s perception of the actor, it was “Birdman” that won him the kind of critical acclaim he’d never experienced, yet he also admits it was the most difficult role he’d ever taken on.

“It had to be so specific and so precise. You actually had to be, like, on a certain word or a point in the sentence and geographically in a spot,” he explains. “Like in a hallway or down a set of stairs. Specifically word-perfect. And it was really hard. Scary every day.”

Keaton’s full interview will air on Sunday’s edition of “60 Minutes”.