Meghan McCain has not held back in discussing her tell-all new book Bad Republican.

The former host of “The View” chatted to Andy Cohen on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live” about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner turning up to her late dad John McCain’s funeral in 2018 despite his long-running feud with the family.

Calling the pair “funeral crashers” in her memoir, McCain said of what she thought motivated them to come: “One of my dad’s old advisers told me that it was just an event that they wanted to go to because his funeral at the National Cathedral kind of ended up being this enormous moment.

“I was told Lindsey Graham invited him. I’ve been told many different things from many different people.”

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McCain insisted, “They should never have come. They had no business being there. I remember seeing them and seeing her specifically. They had no goddamn business being there!”

She also spoke about the media story that had been circulating about Donald Trump mocking her father’s injuries, telling Cohen how the former president tried to call her and left a voicemail but she initially didn’t want to call back.

“I called my dad and told him what happened,” she shared. “He was like, ‘You have to respect the White House, you have to respect him.’

“It was a very weird conversation [with Trump],” McCain continued. “He said, ‘It’s all fake news, it’s a lie. I never did that, I never did that, I never did that.’ And then he put Melania on the speaker phone [and] she said, ‘We love you, we love you,’ and I was like, ‘No you don’t. I don’t know what this is.’ And it was very uncomfortable.

“It was the closest they’ve ever come, I felt like, to realizing what they were doing and the damage it caused,” she went on.

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The columnist was obviously asked a lot about the comments she’d made in her book about “The View” being “toxic,” with Cohen questioning: “Do you take any responsibility at all for the toxicity on ‘The View’?”

“Yeah, you know, that’s a really interesting question and I think only one person was bullied out of their job and doesn’t work there anymore and I think that really says it all,” she replied, insisting she was that one person.

McCain also spoke about the recent COVID-19 scare on the show, which saw Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro be pulled off air mid-show when they were about to interview Kamala Harris.

“Sunny and I are still really good friends, I just felt really bad for her. I know how seriously she takes interviewing candidates,” insisting it was all a total waste of tax payers’ money.