Adele is finally answering “73 Questions” for Vogue.

In the new edition of the fan-favourite segment, the singer, 33, who is gearing up to release her highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30, spilled on her dream duet partner, the biggest risk she’s ever taken and what she’d be doing if she wasn’t singing.

When asked about who she’d like to collab with, Adele answered in seconds, revealing it would be Chris Stapleton.

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Her biggest risk, “Leaving my marriage.”

But when it comes to what she’d be doing if Adele was not a musical artist, she revealed music would still be a part of her life regardless.

“I like to think I still be doing small little gigs in pubs and clubs on my guitar, even though I’m sure nothing will come and see me,” she said, before adding, “I really want it to be an English teacher before all this happened. So I’d like to think that I’d be doing that.”

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Adele also revealed when fans will be able to see her live in concert.

“As soon as possible,” the “Easy On Me” singer gushed. “I’m ready to go. Really…It’s just up to COVID. So just keep on wearing your masks and don’t be spreading that Delta and who knows?”

30 drops Nov. 19.